• Behind the Scenes

    Christmas at

    RCCM is a labor of love for hundreds of people- the decorators, engineers, managers, producers, and actors who trade their Christmas to put on this annual event.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Every corner

    of the RCCM campus is detailed, including this tree which is the centerpiece of the queuing area and one of the most photographed icons at Christmas at RCCM.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Cast members

    and show producers gather each evening before the gates open to brainstorm and implement new ideas in an effort to continuously improve the guest experience.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Workers hand-

    craft the countless sets, props, and environments to transform the RCCM campus into a Christmas wonderland.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Before gates

    open, all of the cast - live animals and reservations staff included - ready themselves for another magical night at Christmas at RCCM.