• The Show

    Journey Through Bethlehem

    transports you back to the magical night of Christ's birth. You'll be enveloped in the sights & sounds of the Bethlehem Marketplace - filled with live animals, street vendors, and watch out for those pick-pockets!

  • The Show

    In the midst of

    the bustling commotion of the Bethlehem Marketplace, the voice of the Old Prophet rises above the nay-sayers and hecklers to tell of the miracle of Christ's birth.

  • The Show

    During the unforgettable

    finale of Journey Through Bethlehem, an all-original, emotionally-gripping film featuring a celebrity narrator is projected over a breath-taking full-scale living nativity scene.

  • The History

    It all started in

    2003 and quickly grew into one of the area's largest outdoor Christmas shows. The production moved indoors in 2008 and over the next few years elements such as visual effects, live animals, film projections, and original music were added as well as dozens of characters and actors, such as the Time Guide, seen here. Today, the show receives gleaming reviews from guests and has become an annual Christmas tradition for thousands of families.

  • About

    Attraction running

    time is approximately 15 minutes. Continuous shows begin at 6pm each evening. During Journey Through Bethlehem guests will experience moments of total darkness, sone loud sounds, and strobe lights. Suitable for all ages. Get your tickets now for Journey Through Bethlehem, as well as our other great shows and have an unforgettable evening of family fun!